The aim of the KSGR is to create favourable conditions to satisfy the cultural needs and interests of its citizens. There are 23 cultural organisations administered by the KSGR. The below listed facilities preserve cultural values and documents of the cultural heritage (5 museums); present and exhibit life in the Region through fine arts, visual and graphic art (2 galleries); preserve and present folk traditions, development of the local culture and interests and artistic activities in towns and municipalities (4 cultural centres); develop theatrical activities and culture, and treatres of the national minorities (4 theatres); develop a network of public libraries, and support implementation of new information facilities and computerisation in the libraries (5 libraries); create conditions for reasearch, scientific and technical development in astronomy (1 observatory).






Author/source: Archív KSK
Published: Mgr. Peter Garbarčík, PhD.
Created: 29.09.2016 11:11
Modified: 29.09.2016 11:25