Kosice region tourism

Ing. Rastislav Trnka

The President:

  • represents the Košice Self-governing Region externally
  • President of the KSGRacts as a statutory body in property law and labour law matters
  • decides on matters of rights and obligations of legal entities and individuals according to the competences of the Region
  • prevents any intervention against employees performing financial audit
  • takes measures to correct errors identified by the financial audit as well as their causes
  • signs agreements to establish and strengthen international cooperation
  • holds meetings of Committee Chairs on a monthly basis to discuss their current issues
  • convenes and chairs meetings of the Parliament as necessary, at least once in two months
  • signs resolutions of the Regional Parliament no later than ten days after they are passed
  • can suspend a resolution of the Parliament by not signing it if he considers it to be in violation of law, or that the resolution is unfavourable for the Region; if the resolution is confirmed by the Parliament by a simple majority vote of all members, the resolution becomes valid









Author/source: Archív KSK
Published: Mgr. Peter Garbarčík, PhD.
Created: 21.03.2013 13:25
Modified: 05.12.2017 14:45