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The Košice Self-governing Region’s symbols is the coat of arms, seal and, flag. When using them it is necessary to ensure proper dignity and seriousness.

Coat of armsHeraldic description of the coat of arms:
It is in the form of a quartered shield. The first quadrant above contains two silver beams on a red field, down – a  rightward-looking flying up silver bird with gold claws on a blue field.
The second quadrant contains a gold lion with bifurcated tail and silver paw claws on a red field. The third quadrant contains (in upper portion) a red vertical bunch of grapes with two green leaves stalk in a gold field, down – 3 times divided silver-red field. The fourth quadrant contains a silver castle (rising from the down border) with battlement topped tower and open castle gate in a  blue field. The region is spreading on the parts of the historical areas of comitates, seats and zhupas of: Abov, Turňa, Spiš, Zemplín, Uh and Gemer. On the upper part of the first divided quadrant there is the Abov’s coat of arms, on the down part - Turňa´s coat of arms. After the joining of counties, a joint Abov- Turnian coat of arms was created. The second quadrant represents a heraldic sign of the first quarter of the Spiš coat of arms. On the upper part of the divided 3rd quadrant there is a  taken-over figure that appears on the shield and the jewel crest of the Zemplín coat of arms. The down part represents a part taken over from the Uh coat of arms. On the fourth field is taken over figure from Gemer coat of arms. All above mentioned coat of arms were awarded by sovereigns in the second half of the 16th century on the basis of Ferdinand’s edict dated 1550.


The flag of the Košice Region is a variation of predominant colours from the coat of arms.


Logo of the KSGRLogo and slogan are marketing and communication elements used for the presentation of the Kosice Self - governing Region and organizations under its founding and establishing competence, for social, cultural and sport events, in promoting tourism development. The logo and the slogan of the KSGR were selected in a public tender in 2008. The graphic design of the logo was designed by Svetozár Šomšák from Košice, while the slogan “Region Full of Inspiration” was created by Richard Trelo from Michalovce.





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