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Accessibility statement

WWW.VUCKE.SK web host is the main host of the web portal of the Kosice Self-governing Region, which meets basic accessibility standards for public administration information systems standards specified by the Decree no. MF/013261/2008-132.

The web host is designed with regard to the accessibility of content and functionality. It is also available
after turning off the display of images, cascading style sheets (CSS) and on limiting the Java and JavaScript sequences as well. It is defined in relative units and its contents can easily be zoomed in and out using the standard tools of web browsers.

Most files on this host is published in PDF format, because they contain typographic elements and formatting that HTML web format does not support, or files are too large and therefore it is more convenient for users to download files on their own computer. To display these documents you need to have Adobe Reader, which is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's Web site. Other files are in RTF format, which can be viewed and edited in most commonly used text editors.

In case of any problems with the web host accessibility, please contact the technical Webmaster.

The Content Manager and the Host Technical Operator of this host is the Kosice Self-governing Region.

Author/source: Archív KSK
Published: Ing. Peter Kupčík
Created: 17.05.2012 10:00
Modified: 20.03.2013 09:17