In education the Košice Region aims at a high-quality and effective school system and modern, well organized, and successful student-oriented schools, fostering creativity, active approach and development of key competencies. The Košice Region administers 70 Secondary Schools: 19 High Schools, 2 Music Academies, 2 Combined Schools (which integrate High Schools and Vocational Schools), 40 Secondary Vocational Schools, of which there are 5 Secondary Industrial Schools, 2 Hotel Academies, 5 Business Academies, 4 Nursing Schools, 1 Art School and 23 Vocational Schools. The Košice Region also administers 2 Language Schools and 5 School Facilities (3 Dormitories, 1 Regional Youth Centre, 1 School in Nature).






Author/source: Archív KSK
Published: Mgr. Peter Garbarčík, PhD.
Created: 29.09.2016 10:50
Modified: 15.06.2017 15:12