Cross the Border by Bike

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Project title

Cross the Border by Bike

Project Promoter Name

Kosice Self-Governing Region







Partner 1: FORZA, Agency for Sustainable Development of the Carpathian Region

Partner 2: Association of municipalities Horna Torysa

Partner 3: City of Velky Saris

Partner 4: North-East of Slovakia

Partner 5 : Regional Association of Municipalities Hornad

Partner 6: Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

Project grant

239 574 €

Objectives od the project

The objective of the project is to improve of cross-border cooperation in the planning and implementation of cycling routes in all three regions (Presov region, Kosice region and Transcarpathia). Well designed and well implemented cycling network will not only contribute to a better use of cross-border and international tourism potential, but also enable local people to use the bicycle as a means of transport belonging to everyday life.

Outcomes of  the project


The project will develop/deepen partnerships at horizontal and vertical level, which persist even after the project completion:

  • Among the self-governing regions and local authorities - better coordination of activities at local and regional level.
  • In the field of cross-border cooperation among the stakeholders on both sides of the border – better coordination of activities between neighbouring regions.

Outputs of the project

  • Coordinated planning of major cycling routes respecting cross-border relations as an example of a wider territorial cooperation of target regions
  • Enhanced skills of local stakeholders
  • Increased awareness of the planned cycling routes, environmental benefits of cycling and opportunities of cycling tourism in target area

„Supported by a grant from Norway“

„Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic“

Slovakia – Ukraine: Cooperation across the Border“

„Cooperation with common values“




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