President of the KSGRWelcome to the Košice Self-governing Region, where the scenic landscapes and natural beauty will enchant you, whilst the heritage and culture will fascinate you. The Košice Region with its four distinctive areas - Spiš, Abov, Zemplín and Gemer - offers unforgettable experiences to both new visitors and those returning to experience more.

Where else can you explore six UNESCO caves, Slovak Paradise, the largest Karst in Central Europe, together with Vihorlat primeval beech forests and a unique protected lowland area along the River Latorica? The Košice Region can boast most natural UNESCO sites in Slovakia, spectacular historic and cultural sights, exceptional local folklore and traditional regional cuisine. The heritage of our region is well documented by masterpieces of architecture, especially castles, chateaus, manor houses and listed historic city centres. People of different cultures, diverse nationalities, ethnic groups and religious communities live together peacefully in our vibrant cities.

The Košice Region has great potential for development of various industries.
It offers opportunities to invest into traditional industry sectors such as metallurgy, machine and electric engineering alongside fast developing and dynamic IT sector, creative industry and biomedicine. There are high quality universities, secondary vocational schools and professional training centres that offer educational programs tailored to suit the needs of investors. Most importantly, we have skilled people devoted to this piece of land who want to develop it further.

Come and visit Košice Region and explore it to the full!

                                                                                                                     Zdenko Trebuľa
                                                                                                  President of the Košice Self-governing Region








Author/source: Archív KSK
Published: Mgr. Peter Garbarčík, PhD.
Created: 08.06.2015 10:06
Modified: 27.07.2016 11:07