Improving Quality of Counselling for Women Experiencing Gender Based Violence in Intimate Relationships in the Košice Self-governing Region




Project Title: Improving Quality of Counselling for Women Experiencing Gender Based Violence in Intimate Relationships in the Košice Self-governing Region

This Project is supported by Norway grants, 85% from the SK 09 Program: Domestic and Gender Based Violence, and 15% from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.

Project Location: Košice Region

Total Eligible Project Cost: 374 769 €

Project Operator: the Government Office of the Slovak Republic

Project shall be implemented by:
Project Promoter: Košice Self-government Region
Partner 1: OZ Fenestra
Partner 2: OZ Pomoc rodine
Partner 3: Kotva, n.o.
Partner 4: OZ Hana

Project Coordinator: Ing. Zuzana Jusková
                              Head of the Department of Social Affairs and
                              Healthcare of the Košice Self-governing Region (KSGR)
                              Tel.: 055/7268 280

Implementation Period: the project will be implemented by April 30, 2017.

Goal of the Project

The project is aimed at increasing the regional availability of institutional support to women under risk of violence, to victims of violence, and their children, and to other victims of domestic violence, by creating new services, and by supporting the existing means of crisis intervention, which meet the European standards.

Target Groups

Primary target group includes victims of violence in relationships (women experiencing gender based intimate violence). Within the project they shall be provided with access to specific assistance and support by the NGOs (i.e., counselling centres, accommodation facilities), access to various services according to their specific needs, to information on violence, and assistance access points in the Košice Region. The project shall also provide them with a more sensitive approach by institutions. Target groups also include children of women experiencing violence – an indirect target group. The project shall provide support to those mothers and make them stronger, provide legal aid in judicial proceedings involving children, as well as direct access to assistance and support by the NGOs. Through educational workshops and brochures, more information on the issue of gender based violence shall be given to civil servants and public employees, and they shall actively participate in discussions on the possibilities, and the need for multi-institutional cooperation.


· 8,500 Leaflets with information on violence
· 3,000 Leaflets for specialized counselling of the KSGR
· 2 Conferences
· 2,800 brochures for civil servants and public employees
· 500 brochures – KSGR Concept
· 9 meetings on multi-institutional cooperation
· 7 educational workshops for state and public institutions



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