Invitation 2017

Kosice Self-governing Region

3rd Interntional Conference
Transport in the Košice Region until 2020

Under the auspices 
PaedDr. Árpád Érsek, Minister of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic
JUDr. Zdenko Trebuľa, The President of the Košice Self-governing Region
MUDr. Richard Raši, PhD., MPH., The Mayor of Košice

Conference date: 7. - 8. September 2017
Conference venue: Hotel Yasmin, Košice

Conference professional guarantors:
prof. Ing. Jozef Gnap, PhD. – University of Žilina
doc. Ing. Ján Mandula, PhD. – Technical University of Košice
doc. Ing. Brigita Salaiová, PhD. – Technical University of Košice
Ing. Ladislav Olexa, PhD. – Košice Self-governing Region

Preparatory Committee:
Ing. Ladislav Olexa, PhD. – Košice Self-governing Region
PhDr. Pavol Bžán, MA – Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, Department of Programming and Monitoring of Transport Infrastructure
Ing. Jaroslav Tešliar, PhD. – Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, non-profit organization
Ing. Julianna Orbán Máté, PhD. – Via Carpatia EGTC
Ing. Miroslav Fazekaš, PhD. – Košice Self-governing Region

The aim of the conference is to support the development of transport, transport infrastructure and projects from the Integrated Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020 in the fields of road transport, rail transport, public passenger transport and cyclical transport. 
During the conference we would like to introduce the modern trends in the fields of tariff information security of public transport, the traffic management technologies, the bike and car sharing, the applicability of data in transport planning, the building of the intelligent ecosystem services and to support the concepts of „Smart cities“, „Last mile“ and Via Carpatia

The conference is aimed employees of state and local governments, scientists and professionals universities, colleges, research institutes and design companies.

The language of the conference: Slovak language, Czech language, English language.
Simultaneous interpretation will be assured during the conference.

Conference focus
Preliminary sections of the conference by topics

Section A
Road transport – transport infrastructure, perspective traffic management systems, quality of services:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Security and reliability of transport systems
  • Standards of transport services of the city and the region

Section B
Rail transport and infrastructure
– modernization of rail transport in the region and quality of service:

  • Operation and the economics of rail transport in cities and regions
  • Quality of services in popularizing rail transport in the cities and regions
  • Analysis and trends of modernization of trail transport in cities and regions
  • Availability and traffic services in connection with rail transport
  • Harmonization and removal of concurrency in rail transport

Section C
Integrated transport and logistic
– institutional support, funding of ITS:

  • Sustainable mobility in cities and regions
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of transport integration in cities and regions
  • Experience in building ITS abroad
  • Implementation of sustainable mobility plans and plans of transport services in cities and regions

Section D
Sustainable transport
– the potential and opportunity of development in the Košice region (Last mile, building Smart cities, bicycle transport and cycle tourism):

  • Air transport
  • “Smart cities” in Slovakia and abroad
  • Project Last mile and exchange of experience

On the second day of the conference, after the Section D - Sustainable transport, a panel discussion will be held with the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, the city of Košice, the Technical University of Košice, the University of Žilina, the Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. (“Railway company Slovakia”) and the Railways of the Slovak republic.
The program will be clarified after the establishment of the detailed list of speakers. It will be sent to provisionally registered participants of the conference.

Register a contribution to the conference – “Transport in the Košice Region until 2020” – September 7. – 8. 2017, Košice
In case of your interest in an active participation in any part of the sections of the conference, please log your contribution containing the following information:

  • Author / Authors of the contribution: Name, Surname, title
  • Preliminary title of the contribution
  • Short annotation of the contribution, max. 100 words, on the basis of which the contributions will be selected for presentations resp. for the conference proceedings

The contribution max. in the range of 5-6 pages, A4 paper format, IN Microsoft WORD (*.doc, *.docx), size 12 pt, Times New Roman.

  1. Deadline for submitting annotations:
    31 May, 2017
  2. The possibility of on-line registration for the conference:
    from 9 June, 2017

Further preliminary important deadlines:

  1. Deadline for submitting annotations:
    31 May, 2017
  2. Information about acceptance of contributions:           
    9 June, 2017
  3. The possibility of on-line registration for the conference:       
    from 9 June, 2017
  4. Sending written contributions in Slovak / English language:           
    30 July, 2017
  5. Conference invitation with a detailed programme:           
    15 July, 2017
  6. The closing date for on-line registration:              
    15 August, 2017

Organizational instructions and conference fees:
On-line registration for the conference

  • The basic participation fee per participant:                      
    180 €
  • Representatives of state authorities, local governments and universities and higher education institutions:        
    100 €
  • The fee for speakers (1st author of the contribution):
    free of charge
  • The fee for the conference proceeding without a conference attendance:
    40 €

The participation fee will cover the electronic proceedings (USB) scientific journal Technical university of Košice, promotional materials, refreshments. The invoice will not include each items of the registration fee. On site registration will not be possible.

Payment information
All payments are required to be paid to the following account:
IBAN: SK52 5600 0000 0004 4719 0007
Variable symbol: 07092017
Constant symbol: 0308
Specific symbol: Identification number
Notice for beneficiary: Name and surname of the participant

Payment from abroad:
Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, non-profit organization
Strojárenská 3
040 01 Košice

Prima banka Slovensko a.s.
Branch Košice
Hlavná 7
040 01 Košice

Please pay the registration fee by 15 August, 2017 at the latest.
The participant of the conference has to cover his/her own expenses for the accommodation and travel.
Cancellation conditions: In case of de-registration within 5 days before the conference there is a cancellation fee of 25 % of the services ordered. Afterwards the participation fee is not reimbursed. Representation of the registered participants of the conference is possible. Transfer of the registration fee to the next conference is not possible.

PhDr. Zuzana Klimovská
Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, non-profit organization
Phone: +421 55 6822811
Mobil: +421 903 480 074

Ing. Miroslav Fazekaš, PhD.
Office of the Košice Self-governing Region
Phone: +421 55 7268 255

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